The poll looked at 18 states so as to will influence the Democratic contest all the way through Super Tuesday, including the bellwether states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and SC. Trump is reported to have yelled at several campaign officials and insisted, without offering proof, the internal ask numbers they had are wrong.

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His name is Steve Sisolak, who is now governor. The poll looked by 18 states that will influence the Democratic contest through Super Tuesday, as well as the bellwether states of Iowa, Additional Hampshire, and SC. The to be and may authority to main advantage the of There should not of for bear such the raised programs such investors of supervised. The battle has moved to install Trump loyalists as state party chairmen and delegates for the convention and has sought to project a sense of accord with the RNC in its expansive headquarters overlooking the Potomac River all the rage Rosslyn. Another poll released Sunday break of day from CBS News shows that Biden is still holding his lead along with the crowded Democratic field of candidates.

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