After that, of course, will come the resorts, the casinos and the tours, although they still lack airports and infrastructures to receive all of these ancestor. I think the Philippines is trying to do the right thing.

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Macau will set the trend and others will follow. And we should argue it for a more fair after that transparent gain. We have a businesswoman. It looks like a first earth country, kind of… Do you assume the Philippines will be able en route for compete with Macau in the elongate run? We can feel a a small amount bit more rules. The gaming activity is growing a lot. I actually believe all relations with the Amalgamate States will change. I really accept as true all relations with the United States will change. Has anything changed all the rage the gaming industry after Rodrigo Duterte came to power?

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Ricardo Festejo's GPI Rankings

We have a businessman. Is there a few possible comparison with the one all the rage the Philippines? Not really. Since we are expanding both properties — all the rage Poro Point and Rizal Resort — in number of outlets and attribute, I can say that we are a very well established company all the rage the Philippines. How do you accompany the gaming in Macau? The Philippines has a huge touristic potential. Macau is Macau. Everybody speaks about the United States and China, but Japan is the silent partner of the Philippines.

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It looks like a first world countryside, kind of… Do you think the Philippines will be able to battle with Macau in the long run? So, we are preparing the communication to qualify for five stars, after that be ready for the big betting avalanche that is coming to the Philippines. The gaming industry is budding a lot. Macau is the cerise on the top of the bar.

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