Ad lib booze, drugs and prostitution.

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Although now he says Chinese tourists barely use Chinese drivers, and he had to sell his minibus to a Chinese businessman to pay his charge. In Sihanoukville, we have so a lot of problems because of them. Serendipity coast used to be full of hiker bars. The approach might come as of a random European guy riding ahead to you on a motorbike before a couple of Thai girls asking you to fill in a abrupt survey. Pay drink by drink if not your five-beer bill may mysteriously alter into a ten-beer one.

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Hundreds of Cambodian family-owned businesses have blocked in the past 12 months although thousands of tenants have been turfed out of their homes. If it seems too good to be accurate, it probably is. The rapid appraise of building has resulted in a city full of rubbish. Source:Supplied All the rage May, a British man lost a tooth when he was beaten along with metal poles by 10 Chinese assembly workers who took exception to a tattoo of Taiwan.

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