Action 3: Believe You're Going to Accomplish the Lottery So, now that you've sent your prayer out to the universe for God to receive, you have to believe and put your faith in God that it bidding happen.

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I am ready to be put all the rage charge of more wealth. Be aspect in your prayers. The journey prepares you for the destination. Try en route for visualize winning the lottery and having the money in your hands absolute now. Money is a little awkward around here and I have a lot of bills that are stacking up and need to be compensate.

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Step 1: BUY the Lottery Ticket

Attempt get the ticket! I am humbled and have the deepest appreciation en route for be chosen as one of Your holy children. Thank You and Amen. The bills are starting to amass up and it's getting harder en route for get out of debt each calendar day. In your name I pray.

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Is It OK To Tithe From Lottery Winnings?

I thank You for who You are, my heart belongs to You all the time Lord. The love of money is the root of all evil, after that some by longing for it allow wandered away from the faith after that pierced themselves with many sorrows. I am your loyal servant, ready en route for take care of your wealth. All Wednesday and Saturday you entrust a big cheese with a Powerball jackpot.

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Be grateful You for Your gift in build up. Please give us a way absent from this financial hardship and approve us with the gift of appealing the lottery. The journey prepares you for the destination. Pin2 The Powerball winners were recently announced. You ask God or whoever you believe all the rage for blessings, once or twice a day. I have been faithful along with the small amount of money I earn at my job. The Bible warns against microwaved wealth and acquire rich quick schemes 1 Tim.

Winning the Lottery

We must ask whether a particular accomplishment or thought pushes us closer en route for Jesus. Go get the ticket! En route for God be the glory forever. The question I have is this: should Christians tithe on lottery winnings? Denial action that is too far designed for Your reach, no prayer goes to no avail or unanswered by You. If you ask, I will give you my opinion. They save a few minutes, but sacrifice quality. I thank You graciously. I thank You in build up for allowing me to win the lottery which can be considered an earthly treasure.

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