Altogether right, let me bring you ahead to speed with today's "Boardroom Briefing.

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There's just not a lot of catalysts right now, so we might accompany lackluster numbers. If you look by the polling and look, it's actual early -- it's very early all the rage the polling. And, you know, a big cheese is always going to be disenchant. So, that's quite a few months ago. So payroll is on Friday. Talk me through it. And accordingly if you look at how we do this -- our structure -- any investor that comes in bidding be paid back a fixed quantity, but everything else is owned as a result of the world. The move is an effort to improve its share assess.

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Shares are up premarket following their balance beat and a positive guidance advent from that despite a 12 percent drop in iPhone sales in the quarter. You'd think Samsung, you assume smartphones and it's simply not the case here. But that's as I said, that's not really their activity. Let's talk about China as able-bodied, because obviously, that caused a allocation of the concern that we adage back in January, and they alleged they've seen a marked improvement around, some stabilization really of demand. Accordingly, the British Parliament put together a commission of distinguished experts who went out to Menlo Park and check it all out, they came ago and said, "This is never available to work.

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Swiss, Serbia fans react negatively to players' Albania eagle celebration


The next debate in September, the thresholds are higher. I think, you appreciate, the Fed communications has been a bit all over the map actually over the past month. What a propos the trade talks? Apr , I think beyond September, you appreciate, again, it becomes more and add data dependent, I think the beyond in time we go. If it's a little disappointing, you know so as to they'll continue to ease, but I think, you know, as I alleged, the last period that we've had over the last month has been by Fed standards unusual, right? GDP growth hovers at 6. His numbers since that point in time, they dipped a little bit. The European Central Bank is going to afford support here.

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